Lebohang Kganye | Sasol Young Signature 2017

The Visual Fox | Art | Artists | Lebohang Kganye

The Visual Fox sat down with this years Sasol Young Signature award winner Lebohang Kganye and spoke to her about her practice. Where does your passion for art comes from? I actually started out writing poetry and doing storytelling, and then I was introduced to theatre when I was in high school. It was never […]

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Andy Warhol Unscreened

The Visual Fox | Art | Exhibitions | Andy Warhol Unscreened

Andy Warhol has to be one of my favorite artists of all time. As an artist he has inspired my work and artistic philosophy and not only to me but to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He was a filmmaker, photographer, painter, commercial illustrator, music producer and writer, creating an interdisciplinary platform […]

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Turbine Art Fair 2017

The Visual Fox | Art | Turbine Art Fair 2017

Ask any art lover, the art fair is always one of our favourite days of the year. It’s a place for those cultural lovers to get together and celebrate creativity and of course, each others quirkiness. Even if you aren’t into art, The Turbine Art Fair is the perfect platform for anyone who might want […]

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In Bocca Al Luppo by Jemma Kahn

The Visual Fox | Art | Theatre | In Bocca Al Luppo by Jemma Kahn

Going to the theatre has been a favourite since I was a little girl. My mom being a dancing teacher, she always encouraged us to watch live production. There is just something so magical about dressing up and going to watch a performance from musicals, to plays to dance. The skills and expertise that are […]

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FNB Jo’burg Art Fair 2016

Today marks the end of this years, FNB Jo’burg Art Fair 2016, hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre, from the 9 – 11 September 2016. The fair this year made great steps towards developing the relationship between southern Africa and east Africa. Showcasing East Africa as a hub of art making within Africa. Faye Mfikwe, […]

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Paper Architects

The one thing I love about art is that there are no boundaries, art can be whatever you want it to be. On Thursday evening we headed to Glow Studio’s in Illovo for the exhibition Paper Architects, showing drawings of unrealised buildings that have never  made it to construction and actually been built. These are […]

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Artist Sunali Narshai

The Visual Fox | Art | Sunali Narshai

The art world  can be confusing to a non creative. Looking at an artwork, trying to understand its meaning and purpose and applying that understanding to the question “so what?’ can be a bit tricky, which is why its always good to get to know the artist. I recently interviewed a long time friend who […]

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Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair

A Place In Time, Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair “As night fell an entirely unfamiliar and vivid sky came into view and I was reminded why our ancestors tried to make sense of their place in the universe through naming and taming constellations.” Helen Pheby The annual fair takes place every May at the most beautiful reserve found […]

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Alfredo Jaar

  “Images are never innocent” Alfredo Jaar Alfredo Jaar is a New York based artist, born in Chile. His work looks at the principles of images; how they are absorbed over and over by our modern day lives. Amilcar, Frantz, Patrice and the Others is part one of two shows which The Goodman Gallery will […]

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D’Zair Art & Craft A Johannesburg

The Visual Fox | Art | MOAD | Design

The Museum of African Design is a first for Africa. It’s a gallery located on the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg and is found in an old warehouse which has been worked to become a gallery and studio space for creatives. Its principles are based on the constant questioning of “what is art” and “what is design” […]

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