What The Luck?

As a teenager I spent a lot of my time going to gigs and watching South African rock bands take to the stage. Hanging out at places like The Doors, The Bo, Sundowners and the lovely CCHQ. Since then, the live music scene has changed from punk rock to electronic tech performances. And as much as I love my deep house, there will always be a special place in my heart for good ol’ fashioned Rock ‘n Roll!

The Visual Fox | Joburg | Events | What The Luck?

What the Luck? is back in action this March with another night of hard rocking tunes. Travis Campbell, event organiser from Freshly Squeez’d is giving South African rock and roll the come back it needs. What the Luck is a hard hitting rock ‘n roll spectacle to showcase the unbelievably talented local rock musicians that our country has to offer. Campbell says he often gets tired of seeing the same old events with the same old bands at the same old venues week in and week out.

It seemed for a while that indie bands and the like seemed to take the light and rock ‘n roll was pushed aside like a plate of cold slap chips. Not that I have anything against indie music, I’ve always just been preferred the raw sounds of Rock ‘n Roll.

“Back in the day when we used to go out on weekends, there was a sick gig every night showcasing epic rock, punk, thrash and metal bands. The scene was strong and support from the public was off the charts. It seems over the years the whole vibe has died down a bit and we want to try re-ignite the flame.”

The Visual Fox | Joburg | Events | What The Luck?

Get to the event What The Luck to enjoy some of South Africa’s Rock ‘n Roll featuring an epic line up that includes: The Slashdogs, The stoner rock shredders: Ruff Majik from Pretoria, the lightning fuelled 3 piece Pollinator, the thrash punk rockers TCIYF and of course the smooth criminals Raygun Royale

Date: 10 March,

Venue: Good Luck Bar, 1 Fox Street, JHB

Tickets: R60 @ the door before 9pm and R80 thereafter

Doors open from 18:00 – 02:00

Hoping to see you all there!

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